Live Hypnosis DemonstrationDebra Berndt

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Category: Hypnosis Submitted by: spirit
This is not stage hypnosis. This is a live demonstration on how hypnosis can shift inner dialogue and access the pure unconditional love within you. No barking or clucking involved. Presented by internationally-recognized hypnotherapy expert, Debra Berndt in New York City.

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  1. Rick Wheeler
    Rick Wheeler5 years ago

    I am a stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist.
    I used to make the old tired joke about barking and clucking in stage hypnosis myself, until I became a stage hypnotist. I haven't heard of any barking and clucking for a long time. And it seems you're demeaning stage hypnotists.
    1. Please don't make fun of stage hypnotism 2. How professional are you with pans clanking in the background?

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